Why ‘Only Two’?

My own survey has proven that 65% of those I come in contact with each day cook for only one or two people. I love to create new recipes and want to share them with others who cook for two: New brides, Empty-Nesters, DINKS (double income-no kids), Singles who cook for a friend or roommate, etc.

Although I love to be in the kitchen, there are other interests in my life. Therefore I want my food to be quick and easy to prepare along with tasting delicious and presented in a way that makes your mouth water.  My recipes are designed to make dinnertime a prompt and pleasant event for any twosome…without using exotic ingredients or having days worth of leftovers.  Since there are many shortcuts in my cooking, any recipe with a long list of ingredients should not be intimidating.  Hope you enjoy this website, my cooking show, and my cookbook.

Turning 60/Had a Facelift!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I am currently recovering from a facelift.  Yes I am crazy, but how many of you have had braces on your teeth to make you look better?  I must confess that my facelift was easy compared to the horror of braces.

Dr. William Truswell of Northampton performed the surgery yesterday.  And we will both be appearing on MASS APPEAL – TV 22 on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 where he will describe the surgery and you will see the results.  After dealing with my breast cancer from September through all of December, I almost cancelled this procedure, but then decided that life can be cut short at anytime…so I will take advantage of as many good things as possible.

Be sure to see my next cooking segment on MASS APPEAL on Wednesday, April 4th.  I am making a lovely one skillet fish dish that even fish haters will love.

Also, I have an extra surprise segment that is being taped for MASS APPEAL on April 11th, but I am not yet sure of the date it will air.  It  has nothing to do with food but you are sure to enjoy it.

Cookbook Published!

Today is Valentine’s Day, 2009 and my cookbook has arrived! I began writing it on March 1, 2002. And because I am an unknown, I had to self-publish this book.

It will be my pleasure to hear from you. Please e-mail me with any questions or comments about my video clips or recipes from my cookbook, etc. Again, I must tell you that I have edited my cookbook a zillion times and yet when it arrived I still found typographical errors. Thankfully, they are only misspelled words or incomplete phrases that do not affect the outcome of any tip or recipe.  Feel free to contact me if you find any errors.