Honestly, I reviewed every recipe several times and still I have found some typographical errors.  Please, if you find any errors I would love to be alerted. Keep checking this post for corrections as I find them.  (These corrections are on the second printing…the one with my picture on the cover.)

  • Page 74,  Corned Beef & Cabbage:  The 4th sentence reads: ‘Drain and set aside.”  This should actually be the second sentence.  (I must have been half asleep when I edited this one!)
  • Page 113, Baked Mini Cheesecakes:  This dessert needs to be chilled until ready to serve.
  • When oil comes to its smoke point, it is not transformed to a ‘Trans fat’ as I once believed.  But when it reaches its smoke point, carcinogenic free radicals are released and essential fatty acids are destroyed.


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