Herbs & Spices

HERBS & SPICES:  When there are only one or two people in your household, purchasing a jar of certain herbs or spices may be wasteful.  Dried herbs and spices lose their potency and should be not be more than one year old.  Since some spices can be very expensive, I suggest that you find a friend who also uses these ingredients and divide the jar in half and share half of the cost.  Another suggestion is to purchase McCormick’s ‘Recipe Inspirations’.  These cards hold about one teaspoon of six different herbs or spices and the package sells for only $2.00.  I use red pepper flakes only on occasion and this was a great way to have what I need along with a few others that I rarely use.  BY THE WAY:  The ‘herb & garlic’ soup mix that I use in my cookbook is ‘Lipton’.

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