Hello, I’m Ann Macey and I live in Western Massachusetts with my husband Wayne.  Although I have no children of my own, my step-daughter Kim has given me the privilege of being a grandmother.

As a dental hygienist, I have had no formal training in cooking.  My experience comes from observing my mother and both of my grandmothers.  After receiving an award in high school for Home Economics, my teacher encouraged me to pursue a career in this field.  Although cooking is my passion, I chose a career in dental hygiene and continue to work as a dental hygienist today.

In an effort to be efficient, I attempted to make a carrot cake for my husband in a size that would last a day or two rather than an entire week. The success of the carrot cake led to a variety of cakes and assorted desserts for two.  I continued to prepare and record other dishes resulting in the culmination of my cookbook:  ANN’S TABLE FOR TWO.

During a diligent search for an inexpensive method to post video clips on this website, I was approached by Longmeadow Community TV to tape six episodes of my cooking show with the same title.  Although these shows no longer air on most public access networks, you may come across an episode from time to time.  After the taping of these cooking shows, Geissler’s Supermarket offered to sponsor a cooking segment each month on a local lifestyle program.  For five years, I prepared a new dish on MASS APPEAL which airs on WWLP-TV 22 at 11:00 am.  (You can view most of these cooking segments on this website. See ‘TV SEGMENTS’ at the top of this page.)  In June of 2016, due to several family health issues, I found it necessary to discontinue these TV segments.

Keep checking back as I am hoping to continue to post new recipes on a regular schedule.

I welcome your thoughts and comments…so please e-mail me and I promise to answer your message promptly.  ~Ann Macey




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