French Toast on-the-go

FRENCH TOAST ON-THE-GO:  Mornings seem to go by very quickly.  But this idea helps make it a bit easier.  When time allows, I like to make a whole loaf of French Toast and freeze it so that I can take out one or two slices as needed.  Now I am sure that you are asking why I just don’t purchase ready-made French Toast from my grocery’s freezer…this is because I am unable to find a ready-made version with whole wheat bread.  My favorite bread to use is PEPPERIDGE FARM 100% WHOLE WHEAT SWIRL bread w/cinnamon & raisins.

In a 10” pie plate, combine 5 eggs, 1 C. milk, and 1 tsp. vanilla extract with a wire whisk.  Dip 3 slices of bread in the mixture and cook in a 10 -12” skillet (sprayed w/PAM) over medium-high heat…about 1-2 minutes on each side or until golden brown.  Repeat with remaining bread slices.  (There are 16 slices, including the ends, in each loaf.)  I wipe the inside of the pan with a clean paper towel after cooking each batch of 3 slices and respray the pan with PAM.  Allow to cool on a cooling rack and store in the freezer as instructed above for all breads.  If you have more than one or two in your household, you may want to cook 2 loaves…if you have teenage boys, 3 loaves may be enough.

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