Storing Bread

At the moment, I am storing 4 different types of bread.  One in a bread box and the other 3 in the freezer.   My husband will not eat bread from the freezer so his is in the bread box.  I love heartier breads and always have one loaf of VERMONT Cinnamon Raisin bread and PEPPERIDGE FARMS or ARNOLD’S deli flats…which are perfect for sandwiches!  And at the moment I also have whole wheat English muffins.  If I were to purchase all of my breads without freezing them, they would go bad long before I could consume them all.  DO NOT PLACE BREAD IN THE FREEZER WITHOUT SEPARATING EACH SLICE!  The moisture in the breads will cause the slices to freeze together making it impossible to separate.  I separate each slice of bread with waxed paper that I have cut into 4-5 inch squares.  I put the slices back in the plastic bag the bread came in and remove the desired number of slices as needed.  Thaw in the microwave.

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