Why ‘Only Two’?

My own survey has proven that 65% of those I come in contact with each day cook for only one or two people. I love to create new recipes and want to share them with others who cook for two: New brides, Empty-Nesters, DINKS (double income-no kids), Singles who cook for a friend or roommate, etc.

Although I love to be in the kitchen, there are other interests in my life. Therefore I want my food to be quick and easy to prepare along with tasting delicious and presented in a way that makes your mouth water.  My recipes are designed to make dinnertime a prompt and pleasant event for any twosome…without using exotic ingredients or having days worth of leftovers.  Since there are many shortcuts in my cooking, any recipe with a long list of ingredients should not be intimidating.  Hope you enjoy this website, my cooking show, and my cookbook.

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