Next TV Appearance: Wednesday, 6/15/2016

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Time: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15, 2016 – 11 AM
My next scheduled TV appearance is Wednesday, June 15, 2016. I am serving up my famous RASPBERRY MARTINI to celebrate Ashley Kohl’s new adventure in life.  Please note that due to a power failure on Monday, May 23rd at WWLP, the video clip of my DOUBLE BERRY PE is not available.  So sorry, but a little squirrel disrupted the power causing even the back-up power to fail!  Hard to believe a little critter can cause so much commotion.


Published Cooking Article

For those of you who live in Agawam, MA, be sure to check out my article that is being published in the AGAWAM ADVERTISER once each month. I am trying to coordinate the articles with my appearances on MASS APPEAL, but this is not always possible. I would love to hear your comments about my article and the best way to contact me is at my new e-mail address:

Video Clips

Hurrah! My video clips are finally up and ready for you to view, so very sorry for the delay. Unfortunately, the TOMATO FRITATTA clip is over the 10 minute limit for YouTube therefore it was not posted. The clip on how to clean the springform pan is still a dilemma. One way or another, I will have it for you to view.

Thank you to all who came to the Storrs Library on February 3rd. As promised, the recipe for my Pink Peppermint Fudge is now posted under “Recipes” on this website. You can also find the recipe on page 127 of my cookbook.  A question was asked at the library about washing meat. Please note that yes, I do wash chicken prior to cooking. For some reason, my brain wasn’t thinking “chicken” only beef and pork, which I do not wash.  Another statement that I would like to revise is about white and brown eggs. The “tips” on the episode “ALL ABOUT BREAKFAST” states that brown hens lay brown eggs and white hens lay white eggs. I found that this is not totally correct. The color of the egg is determined by the color of the hen’s ear lobe. If a brown ear lobe, the hen will lay a brown egg and if the hen has a white ear lobe, it will lay a white egg.